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Summer Training

High Technologies Solutions is known for providing the best summer training to students. It focuses on the area, such as, BCA, MCA, Oracle, AutoCAD, SEO, ERP, etc. The experienced faculties educate the learners, organize classes, and conduct plethora of workshops for their benefit.

Work is challenging but one can achieve success through right training. A lot of institute offers summer training courses in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon but to hone your skills, our institute is the best option.

What is Summer Training about?

Summer training courses is for anyone looking for a real- hand- experience. The 6 weeks /Months summer training in Delhi, NCR is meant to train every individual rigorously. Based on their interest, the trainers keep a thorough check on their activity. It’s an internship program in which the learners learn new skills under the guidance of their trainers.

Our institute ranks among the top in terms of summer training institute in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. With many years of experience, the faculties prepare the learners for their future endeavor. They become familiar with every feature of the course. If it is AutoCAD, learners are directed to draw the designs without any trouble. Utilize your summer by learning the topic of your interest. It opens wide range of scopes leading to a brighter side.

What are the Advantages of Summer Training?

Your effort never goes waste. No matter what type of training it is, you will definitely be proud at the end. The experienced team at High Technologies Solutions provides you the right atmosphere. Let’s list down some of the advantages of summer training program:-

  • Summer Training is a valuable training. It is vital for starting a new job. The training provided is always taken into account and adds a plus point to the resume.
  • The syllabus is not only limited to academics. Students are taught beyond it. They get ample of opportunities to apply it in real life. Take for instance, learners are skilled from business perspective. ‘’Learning by doing’’ is the strategy that is followed by our institute.
  • It is one of the top institutes that provide summer training in Delhi, NCR. The learners are educated as per their interest. The faculties has a solid experience in teaching profile. They elucidate the chapter in a fascinating manner.
  • The certified trainers not only teach them but also provide job assistance. The learners are therefore hired by the top MNC’S.

Placement Cell

Our institute has set of experienced faculties for assisting students over placements. It answers all the queries pertaining to the job. Students who enroll themselves are guided step-by-step for achieving the desired goal. It provides 100% placement keeping in mind the requirements of the learners. Candidates are hired by the top MNC’S post the training. It’s a highly reputed institute for summer training courses in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon.

Characteristics of Sumer Training Program

  • Every learner differs from each other. Some are fast while some are slow learners. It’s the trainer’s responsibility to look after the entire batch. Our institute makes sure that no child is left behind. The concerns of every child is addressed properly. The trainers pay heed to every student, clears their doubts and provide them a suitable environment.
  • To motivate the students, they are also given stipend.6 weeks / Months Summer training program in Delhi, NCR enhances the abilities of the learner, boosts their confidence, and are praised for their outstanding work.
  • It offers a pleasant atmosphere for the students. They are provided with luxury labs for performing various types of experiment. It has a well- equipped infrastructure to meet the needs of the students. The aim is to create a proper learning environment.
  • The starting date of the course depends on date selected by the individual. The dates are flexible enough and can be chosen according to the schedule of the learner.
  • It follows a two-way-approach. Students also get a chance to clarify their doubts. Students speak and teachers listen. This is done to eliminate the traditional educational system. Trainers only act as a facilitator.
  • Students are evaluated on every feature. Projects, mock tests and interviews are some of the techniques through which an individual is judged. The class is made more interesting for the learners. Modes such as Videos and ppt’s promote healthy learning environment.
  • Students are awarded for their hard work. Along with stipend, certificate is also given at the end of 6 weeks /Months summer training program in Delhi, NCR.


Summer training courses offered at our institute helps to reinforce an individual’s skill. Learners gain mastery over the subject with time. It is the best place where you can learn and grow.

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